Whether you are just starting out or you are looking to improve your music skills, we have the right program for you! Group classes typically range from 4-6 students, and are suitable for all beginners. Intermediate level classes are great for those who have had previous experience, but are interested in tackling more difficult music and skills.

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(Seat Capacity: 8)

Students will engage in 12 weeks of classes covering up to 10 solo songs from the Suzuki Method, alongside a collection of etudes and studies to build proper playing techniques and reading skills. Music theory, rhythm, and ear-training are also a large component to help students build proper musicianship skills.


(Seat Capacity: 12)

Students will engage in 12 weeks of classes covering up to 4 orchestral pieces, including pops and classical selections, alongside a collection of intermediated level etudes and studies to build proper playing techniques and reading skills. Ensemble playing, technical agility, complex rhythms, and ear-training in harmonies are also a large component to this class.


Tom Kuo (Violin, Viola, Music Theory, Singing, Piano)

Tom Kuo is a Vancouver-raised violinist, instructor, and conductor. Originally from Taiwan, he is the founder of the Vancouver Orchestra Club and the current director of the VPOPS Symphony and Choir. Having commenced his musical education at age six with piano and violin, his mentors included violinists Tang Lei, Andrew Dawes, and conductors John van Deursen, Jesse Read,  and Tom Koven. Tom completed his Royal Conservatory of Music Diploma Certification and received his Bachelor of Music from the UBC School of Music in 2008, after which he went on to become a full time instructor of musical theory, violin, and piano. He presently spends his time instilling the love of music into the next generation of musicians through the classroom, group ensembles, and live performances. Tom's approach to musical instruction is focused on learning by ear and example, with a strong component in theory and musicianship skills.

Lucy Kijung Kim (Cello, Piano)

Lucy Kijung Kim began studying piano at the age of 5 and cello at the age of 8. She received her Bachelor of Music, with a major in Cello, from Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea. In September 2012, Lucy relocated to Vancouver, Canada, received her Early Childhood Education Certificate, and has since been working as a Cello/Piano teacher at Ava Music & Art Centre in North Vancouver and at the Vancouver Orchestra Club. She is distinguished by her patient and kind manner with children, while maintaining attention to detail in her method of instruction. Lucy has been teaching cello since 2004 and has played in a variety of chamber ensembles as well as currently being the principal cellist of the Vancouver Pops Symphony.


$55/hour single session
$500 - 10 Hour Lesson Package
$2200 - Annual Package
- includes one hour weekly lessons for one calendar year
- flexible scheduling, no charge for lesson cancellations