If you haven't joined a choir or orchestra in the past, our beginner program is the best place to get started. We offer small ensemble sizes and fun educational methods perfect for those who prefer group learning environments. Level 1 ensembles are tailored to those who have zero to little knowledge of music. Level 1 will help you build good foundations to prepare you for higher level ensembles in the future. If you're looking for a bit more challenge, our level 3 ensembles are great for those who have had previous experience, who already know the basics of music reading, but are interested in learning more complex skills and tackling more difficult music. Level 3 is also great for those who want to brush up on some long lost skills or for those who feel a little rusty on their instrument (yes, your voice is an instrument too). For all level 1-2 ensembles, members only need to register for one session, but can attend any other same level sessions at no extra charge. Take advantage of these extra sessions to accelerate your experience!


12 weekly sessions covering up to 10 solo songs (drawn from folk, classical, and popular genres). We will introduce basic playing/singing techniques and basic pitch/rhythm reading skills. Music theory and ear-training are also be taught in these sessions.

Pitches: 1 Octave

Keys: A Major, D Major, G Major

Rhythm: Whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and rests, and counting systems

Bowing: Basic tone production, string crossings, with control of up and down strokes. 


12 weekly sessions covering up to 6 solo songs (drawn from folk, classical, and popular genres) and 2 etudes. We will introduce basic playing techniques and basic pitch/rhythm reading skills. Music theory and ear-training are also taught in these sessions. 

Pitches: 1.5 Octaves

Keys: A Major, D Major, G Major, F Major, A Minor, G Minor, B Minor

Rhythm: Whole, half, quarter, eighth, Sixteenth notes and rests plus dotted rhythms

Bowing: Varied rhythmic bowing positions, retakes, double down's, double up's, and pick up's, and counting systems


Students will engage in 12 weeks of 60 minute sessions covering up to 10 solo songs (drawn from folk, classical, and popular genres)  This class will introduce beginning singing techniques and beginner pitch/rhythm reading skills. Music theory and ear-training are also taught in this class. 

Pitches: 1 Octave

Solfege Patterns: Major and Minor Scale, Major and Minor Triads, Whole Tones and Semitones

Rhythm: Whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and rests, and counting systems



Tom Kuo (Violin, Viola, Music Theory, Choral Singing)

Tom Kuo is a Vancouver-raised violinist, instructor, and conductor. Originally from Taiwan, he is the founder of the Vancouver Orchestra Club and the current director of the VPOPS Symphony and Choir. Having commenced his musical education at age six with piano and violin, his mentors included violinists Tang Lei, Andrew Dawes, and conductors John van Deursen, Jesse Read,  and Tom Koven. Tom completed his Royal Conservatory of Music Diploma Certification and received his Bachelor of Music from the UBC School of Music in 2008, after which he went on to become a full time instructor of musical theory, violin, and viola. He presently spends his time instilling the love of music into the next generation of musicians through the classroom, group ensembles, and live performances. Tom's approach to musical instruction is focused on learning by ear and example, with a strong component in theory and musicianship skills.

Lucy Kijung Kim (Cello, Piano)

Lucy Kijung Kim began studying piano at the age of 5 and cello at the age of 8. She received her Bachelor of Music, with a major in Cello, from Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea. In September 2012, Lucy relocated to Vancouver, Canada, received her Early Childhood Education Certificate, and has since been working as a Cello/Piano teacher at Ava Music & Art Centre in North Vancouver and at the Vancouver Orchestra Club. She is distinguished by her patient and kind manner with children, while maintaining attention to detail in her method of instruction. Lucy has been teaching cello since 2004 and has played in a variety of chamber ensembles as well as currently being the principal cellist of the Vancouver Pops Symphony.


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Thomas Beckman (Viola)
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Thomas Beckman, composer and violist serves as creative director of production company Sons of Granville, and as in-house composer for the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, producing film scores for several award-winning productions including Phosphenes (‘Best Drama Short Film’ and winner of the ‘Golden Monarch’ prize in the FICMO Festival, Ottawa) and Colours of Edziza (finalist in the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival), and various other documentaries (CAAN’s Promising Practices series) and independent feature films. Recently selected for both the Jean Coulthard VSO (2018) and Borealis String Quartet (2017) Readings, with two new compositions, Thomas is now embarking upon his fourth commissioned piece, this time for the Vancouver Youth Choir. With an MMus in viola performance from UBC, Thomas combines his classical roots with other contemporary idioms performing regularly for the Artists for Conservation Annual Festival and for YYoga’s annual International Yoga Day. Orchestrally, Thomas appears in numerous ensembles around the province, including as principal violist for the Postmodern Camerata, as sectional violist for both the New Westminster and Prince George Symphony orchestras, and of course as principal violist for the Vancouver Pops Symphony Orchestra.