(Seat Capacity: 50)

There's nothing quite like the sound of a symphony orchestra. You're bound to fall in love right away! Here we play some of the greatest works from Hollywood, Disney, and Broadway. Started in 2009, the VPOPS Symphony has performed in some of the best theatres in town like the Chan Centre and Michael J. Fox Theatre. They have also made their debut at Carnegie Hall, NYC in June 2015, and will be making their second international tour to Tokyo, Japan in August 2018. If you'd like to play with us, pick up your instrument and join today!

SUNDAY 7-9PM (Revolving Sectionals): Members are required to attend specific sectional rehearsals on select Sundays. Each term will include 3-4 sectionals. Schedules will be released on at the orientation session of each term.

Please note that the last 3 Monday sessions of each term will be extended to run from 7-10pm for combined rehearsals. Principal seats and solo parts will be selected by audition.

"As a formally trained and schooled musician, I was looking for a good, solid community orchestra to join that would help me keep up my skills, challenge me to better in my own playing, and the type of ensemble to which I could significantly contribute, and help me grow in the community. Just from playing in the group for one concert so far, I can see how dedicated the members are to the music and to each other as a whole! The director, Tom, is very encouraging and friendly, but still driven in his vision. I like to have high expectations to live up to and I have found this group to be exactly what I needed to be a part of."

- Leslie Wilson, Clarinet


  • 12 Weekly ensemble rehearsals

  • One-on-one coaching with Director (2 Sessions included/Term)

  • 1 Concert Performance at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

  • Chance to attend International Performance Tours to places like NYC, LA, Japan, and Germany 

  • Video and Photography to capture all the action

  • Studio Recording Sessions