As a registered non-profit charitable organization, we rely heavily on the enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers to make our existence a success. For those who are looking to gain some experience in the music production world, this is a great place for you to start. For every 10 hours of volunteering service, we will reward you with 2 free tickets to a show of your choice or 1 term honorary VIP Member status. We can also provide you with an official reference letter by request. 

Front of House Crew

  • Handles ticket booth, general information, ushering, distribution of programmes, concessions, and decorations/clean up.

Transport and Stage Crew

  • Moves equipment from studio to performance venue (and back)

  • Set up and striking of equipment, before, during, and after shows


  • Place recruitment posters and concert event posters in public spaces and community centres.

Sheet Music Organizing

  • Prepare sheet music for members of the ensemble. Involves printing, distributing, re-collecting music at the end of concert, and filing back into library.


  • Taking HD photos of each member, ensembles, and overall event

  • Selecting top 20% photos, editing if necessary, and uploading to social media channels

Video Crew

  • Operate camera during live performance

  • Capturing HD close ups shots of ensembles

  • Post production editing

  • Finalizing and publishing each music piece into separate files

  • Naming, adding description and uploading videos to our distribution channels (YouTube, social media, archive)

Audio Crew

  • Setting up equipment and mic placement

  • Mixing live sound for events

  • Mixing recordings

  • Uploading and making recordings available through our distribution channels (website, social media, archive)