(Seat Capacity: 40)


(Seat Capacity: 16)

Discover the joy of singing! The VPOPS Choir division consists of two sub groups: The Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir. The Concert Choir is made up of over 25-40 singers, and perform large works with 4 to 8 part harmonies accompanied by the orchestra. Music includes Disney movie Suites, Broadway hits, and pop classics!  The Chamber Choir consist of 8-16 voices singing strictly a cappella music with tunes inspired by contemporary vocal groups such as Pentatonix, Rajaton, The Real Group, and the King's Singers. Founded in 2010, the VPOPS Choir has made appearances around the city, and at the Chan Centre, MJFOX Theatre, and also at Carnegie Hall NYC. Start singing with the Vancouver Pops Choir Today! 

SUNDAY 5-7PM (Revolving Sectionals for CONCERT CHOIR): Members are required to attend specific sectional rehearsals on select Sundays. Each term will include 3-4 sectionals. Schedules will be released on at the orientation session of each term.

Please note that the last 3 Monday sessions of each term will be extended to run from 6-9pm for combined rehearsals. Principal seats and solo parts will be selected by audition.


"A brilliant place to make beautiful music and everlasting friendships! The Vancouver Orchestra Club will encourage you to practice your art and become a much more confident performer, whether you sing or play an instrument. I would highly recommend people of all experience levels to join!"

- Rachel Wong, Alto Singer and Cellist


  • 12 Weekly Ensemble rehearsals + 3 Sectional rehearsals

  • One-on-one coaching with Director (2 Sessions included/Term)

  • 1 Concert Performance at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

  • Chance to attend International Performance Tours to places like NYC, LA, Japan, and Germany 

  • Video and Photography to capture all the action

  • Studio Recording Sessions