*NEW* DROP IN’s now available for level 3-4 ensembles! $15/session

TERM 3 DATES: September 9 - December 15, 2019

TERM INCLUDES: Approximately 12-14 weekly sessions, 1 one-on-one coaching session (for level 1-4) with lead instructor, plus 2 performances


Standard Term: $200  | One Term for Two Persons: $300   | Student: $150 | Music Grad: $100   |   VIP Term: $100 

VPOPS accepts all forms of payment (Credit, Debit, Cash, Cheque, E-transfers, PayPal)

TERM 1 2020 REGISTRATION DEADLINE: December 31, 2019

How do I register? Just click “I want to register” below and fill out the form. Registration Fees can be paid online via credit card, or PayPal. Take advantage of the early-bird savings for the next term. If you missed the deadline for the current term, a new term will start again in a couple of months. If you don’t find a good fit here, don’t worry, single term registration fees are refundable within the first 14 days of a new term.


Level 1: Pure beginner, can't read music, never sang or played an instrument before. Want to get started with something easy! Low commitment requirement.

Level 2: Less than 2 years of musical experience, can read some basic music. Still learning basic technique, but not completely clueless. Can produce at least a one octave scale in 2 different keys. Low commitment requirement.

Level 3: Can read music independently at a moderate pace, and can produce most pitches within 2 octaves with basic quarter and eighth note rhythms accurately. 2-4 years experience. Have a moderate understanding of music, but would like to mature in tone, consistency, and musicality. If you've done music throughout elementary, this is a great place to start. Medium commitment requirement, slow pace.

*Level 4: 5-7 years experience. Can read music comfortably fairly accurately without assistance. Can handle some technically challenging passages and ranges, with the ability to tune and harmonize with others. Still struggling with fast and complex rhythms, but wanting to master more difficult techniques. If you have participated in music ensembles throughout high-school or college, this would be an ideal level for you. Medium commitment requirement, fast paced.

*Level 5: 8-10 years experience. Can sight-read music fluently, with good control over tone, dynamics, articulation, and tempo. If you have studied music seriously in the past, and are currently active musically, this would be the ideal level for you. See audition requirements for Level 5. High commitment requirement and very fast paced.

*For level 4 and 5’s: To ensure all individuals are keeping up with the music, participants may be asked to perform a midterm live audition to show fluency with the material. This audition will take place on the 3rd Sunday of every term following the orientation. These assessments will help us ensure individuals are placed in the right level/seat/voice, and are performance ready.


Above all else, commitment is the number one priority. Commitment refers to attendance, punctuality, and personal practice. Being in an orchestra or choir is not a solo venture, and hence requires diligent personal practice and thorough rehearsals together as a group. If you miss a rehearsal, you will indeed miss a great deal of practice and perfecting, plus the group misses out on your part of the music. Try to avoid schedule conflicts (don't think of rehearsals as optional), stay health-conscious, and if you must miss one, have a friend record the rehearsal or come in for a make up session with the director to catch up. Regardless of how skilled any one individual is, we must work together as a group in order to succeed as a group. If you have more than 2 missed rehearsals in a term, you may be, under the instructor’s discretion, moved to a lower level, withdrawn from the performance, or asked to rejoin the ensemble at a later time.


Don't see a class or schedule that fits you? Tell us what fits you!

Holidays where rehearsals and classes will not be in session:
New Year's, Family Day, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Whenever there is a long weekend, both Saturday, Sunday and Monday rehearsals and classes will be cancelled. We highly encourage members to take vacations during long weekends, rather than during a regular week to avoid missing scheduled rehearsals.
If members miss more than 2 scheduled rehearsals, it is up to the director's discretion whether one is permitted to perform in concert with the ensemble. 


8881 Selkirk Street (Near West 73rd Ave), Vancouver BC.


Parking is available on the streets near the studio. There are also 10 parking spots available behind the studio entering from the alley.

If you are parking near the studio before 6pm, do observe the time limits marked on the signs.