Having joined Vancouver Pops and having performed with the orchestra for several seasons now, I have to say no ensemble or solo performance can be so rewarding, fun, but yet challenging. Prepare to throw in all the tricks and theories you have learned in the past from your musical training. It is hard work, no doubt, but Tom our musical director (a.k.a. fearless leader) always managed to bring out the best of the players and provide suitable guidance to help us get better. It's true that sometimes people might get into other involvements or simply wanted to take a break. But I saw many have come back and found that their bonds with VPOPS stronger than ever. I am so very grateful to be part of this community and looking forward to many more great concerts and repertoires. 
Kitty Lam, Piano

A brilliant place to make beautiful music and everlasting friendships! The Vancouver Pops will encourage you to practice your art and become a much more confident performer, whether you sing or play an instrument. I would highly recommend people of all experience levels to join!
Rachel Wong, Cello

The best way to immerse yourself in film music if you are a musician and love soundtracks! An awesome group that works hard and has great talents.
Richard Schwendender, Cello

Vancouver Pops has great team atmosphere. Members are very friendly and helpful, and that helped me through my first term.  I also like the selection of the songs. It makes singing a lot more fun!
Mizuho Uenaka, Singer

It's been fun! :D
Christine Yang, Double Bass

As a formally trained and schooled musician, I was looking for a good, solid community orchestra to join that would help me keep up my skills, challenge me to better in my own playing, and the type of ensemble to which I could significantly contribute, and help me grow in the community. Just from playing in the group for one concert so far, I can see how dedicated the members are to the music and to each other as a whole! The director, Tom, is very encouraging and friendly, but still driven in his vision. I like to have high expectations to live up to and I have found this group to be exactly what I needed to be a part of.

Leslie Wilson, Clarinet

Vancouver Pops Orchestra performed at Grand opening of the YVR outlet today!!
BIG and noisy airplane came every 3 minutes but Tom somehow made it went with our music!! That was awesome!!
I would say we were given a standing ovation!(people watched us standing from begining to end
I had never imagined to play the trumpet in Canada with super amazing people like them. When I arrived in YVR airport 3 months ago, I was alone! But now I got a lot of friend like family..xD
I really appriciate it!!
Masami Teramachi, Trumpet

It was myself and my daughter's first time seeing the Vancouver Pops Orchestra yesterday at Distant Worlds ~ you all rocked! We very much loved it!
Kennedy Richard, Guest

Awesome people, great music, so much fun! What more could you ask for?
Sylvia Chang, Flute

Best musical group I have ever been a part of!!! And man, do we know how to have fun!! :):)
Kevin Tremblay, Trumpet