Discover the joy of singing with the VPOPS Choir. Experience the magical writings of Alan Menken, Michael Giacchino, Elton John,  and more! We perform none other than the best of Disney, Broadway, and Pop Classics! The VPOPS Choir consists for several subgroups that tailor to singers with different learning paces and capacities (description below). Level 3 and 4 choirs perform the larger works from Disney and Broadway typically with 4-5 part harmonies accompanied by an orchestra. The Level 5 choir sings all the above repertoire, plus exciting a cappella music with tunes inspired by contemporary vocal groups such as Pentatonix, Rajaton, The Real Group, and the King's Singers. We also host a youth specific group (level 3) available for students ages 10-17. Founded in 2010, the VPOPS Choir has made appearances around the city, at the Chan Centre, MJFOX Theatre, and also at Carnegie Hall NYC. This year they will be making their debut in Tokyo, Japan August 5, 2018. Start singing with the Vancouver Pops Choir today! 


TERM 2: April 30 - July 29, 2018

WEDNESDAY 6-7:30PM (ADULT LEVEL 3) (Seat Capacity: 20)

For those who have little previous experience, or cannot read music fluently, but would like an easy environment to learn the art of choral singing. Each term will involve preparing 15 minutes of memorized music to be performed at Chan Centre.

MONDAY 6-8PM (ADULT LEVEL 4) (Seat Capacity: 30)

For those who have previous experience either in high school or college, and can read music confidently (both pitch and rhythms). Each term will involve preparing 30 minutes of memorized music to be performed at Chan Centre.

THURSDAY 7:30-10pm (ADULT LEVEL 5) (Seat Capacity: Up to 16)

For the most musically apt, who have had much previous experience in other choirs, can sight read fluently, can tune sensitively and harmonize complex chords, and can hold their own part without assistance. Each term will involve preparing 45 minutes of memorized music to be performed at Chan Centre


"A brilliant place to make beautiful music and everlasting friendships! The Vancouver Pops will encourage you to practice your art and become a much more confident performer, whether you sing or play an instrument. I would highly recommend people of all experience levels to join!"

- Rachel Wong, Alto Singer and Cellist